May 2, 2007


Dude, it's been about a month since I last wrote. I was a kid back then. God, my last post is so embarassing. I'm almost five now. Dog years, bro. Dog years.

So I totally grabbed a beer the other night while my roommates were distracted. Dude, they were so uncool about it. What are they, the Feds? Well, I don't need their totally narc-ey brand of Big Brotherism. Narcs.
*me and my Tecate*
*me drinking a beer*

So I killed my first moose the other day, too - it was no big deal.

*me, a cold-blooded killer of meese*
*me and my prey*

Got me a camel, too.
They don't run as fast as they like to think they do.
*me after catching the camel*

I ripped its head clean off...lousy camel.

*my narc-ey roommate and the camel with its head ripped off*

And I laaaaughed.
So don't mess with me. I'm hard.

*me being hard*

Yeah, I ain't no stinkin' pupp...ohmygodohmygodohmyGOD WHOA! Is that a CARDBOARD TUBE?!? Those are the absolute AWESOMEIST!