December 30, 2006

Legally Brindle

Okay, so the holidays were so jam-packed with things to do and smell and bark wildly at that I just haven't had time to write! True story!

One of my roommates had her parents come to visit for a week. It was the awesomeist! They were pretty tall and they brought me all kinds of toys and legal chewies and they smelled really, really interesting. Also, they taught me the awesomeist game where one of my roommates throws cookies around on the floor and I chase them!

The cookies. Not my roommates.

*me with a legal chewie I got for Christmas*

Working on all those legal chewies on Christmas morning plum wore me out. Especially the Kong, which kicks my puppy ass, pardon my French.

*me with my ass kicked*

So, also, this weekend I helped with some landscaping by carrying around a 6-foot-long dead palm frond that fell off our palm tree, and I helped one of my roommates build a giant chain-link box in the backyard! I don't know what it's for! My other roommate likes to give him busywork from time to time - probably to keep him from bothering the Neighbor.

Other Roommate: "Hey! Why don't you go build a giant chain-link box with no actual function in the backyard! It would be the awesomeist!"

But you know, I don't give two wookie growls what the reason is. Actual function or not, we had fun galore! And whatever makes my roommate happy makes my tail wag! And makes me want to lick stuff! And bite it! Yeah! True story!

*me and my roommate digging for the giant chain-link box*

Also, I learned how to bark to make the door open this week. It's the awesomeist! It's better than having opposable thumbs!